Monday, May 27, 2013

Tipsy flower pot tower

Lately I've been running across lots of fun gardening projects and it so happens that the rainy season is upon us here in Costa Rica, so this project was just meant to be. Since we bought our house, I've been slowly but surely getting more and more into gardening and plants and this just seemed like such a fun way to display them.

The materials I used were clay pots, a re-rod (rebar), paint, a glossy finish sealer, and some plants. I think it could've been easier to spray paint the pots, but I couldn't find the right color at EPA. Of course I could've tried other hardware stores, but I didn't :) Instead, I bought Protecto Green Apple and had to apply three generous coats to each pot and then seal them with a glossy finish. 

The process was fairly simple. First, my saint husband helped me drive a 1.60m/63¨ re-rod (rebar) into the soil 60cm/2ft. Then, we placed a bigger round clay pot at the base, threading the re-rod through the drainage hole. You have to fill it with dirt so the next pot has something to sit on.  And then I threaded onto the rod and tilted the other pots on opposite sides of each other to distribute the weight evenly. Finally, I planted each china (impatients) to add more color.

This project was labor intensive and took a while to complete. I want to say you'll need an entire weekend to complete it, though if you spray paint the pots it'll probably take even less. I'm really satisfied with the final result, though my husband is the biggest fan. I don't think I've ever made anything he liked quite so much as this. I specially like how the color of the pots really pops (I was nervous of them looking neon green for a while).

So there you have it! A fun alternative to a regular flower pot stand. 


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