Monday, June 10, 2013

Butterfly Art

I'm just going to state a fact of life: I have no artistic talent! haha I can be creative and my crafts tend to come out just fine, but I just cannot draw, color or paint. Usually I'm perfectly OK with it, but I had a very specific look in mind for this project. I wanted to get butterfly prints, but wanted them to look like watercolors. I tried looking, but as usual, my ideas were too specific to find on any mainstream store and I secretly wished I could've just painted them myself. 
For this project, I used what I had in hand: MICROSOFT WORD! haha Call me crazy, but I don't have any kind of picture formating software and I sometimes amaze myself at what I can do with Word.
First, I found pictures of real butterflies with a white backgroung. Nothing really specific, I think I Googled "Butterfly".
Then, I started playing with the photo Artistic Effects. I ended up selecting "Paint Brush"
I just loved the effect. I found two more colorful butterflies and did the same. Then I printed them in glossy paper at Pricesmart (AKA the cheapest place I could find hehe) and used some frames I'd bought on sale at Aliss specifically for this project.

They're just what I was looking for and I love how they look in our TV room/office.

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