Friday, April 26, 2013

I dream of trees - Part 1

I love my house, but when we moved in, it became pretty obvious that there was a trouble spot. There's this wall between the bedrooms and it's always felt like some sort of focal wall because you can see it from pretty much every angle in the house. I hated that it looked so large and bare. I honestly did not even know where to start. I thought some sort of artwork would be great, but the size of the wall (2.5*2.5 meters/8*8 feet) was a problem. I would've needed to get a single huge canvas or multiple coordinating pictures, but I remained unconvinced. I wanted it to look full without really adding furniture because it functions as a hall. 

Then I started daydreaming about trees one day. Trees have got to be one of my favorite natural element in the world. They're just so big and free flowing. I figured some sort of tree art work could be the solution and a wall decal just felt right. Finding the right one wasn't easy, I must've looked at hundreds of ideas on Pinterest and Google. Then, as usual, I just fell in love. 

This was it! I found a local company that customizes decals and the rest is history.

These are only a few pictures of the process. It was time consuming and it's a two-person project. But even though we had no experience, it was a relatively simple process. You have to be very careful and thorough. There were 15 pieces that we had to match exactly. And we stuck the leaves one by one onto the wall. The whole thing took about 4 hours. 

I loved the final result. Now we're onto finding the perfect frames to add to it. I want it to be a sort of family tree with our family photos. I'm thinking a max of five frames so it doesn't look too busy. 

Do you dream of trees? Or is it just me? ;)

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