Monday, November 11, 2013

It's a GIRL!!!

I had the most wonderful gender reveal party this last weekend. Our families came to our home and we had a great time. I put a lot of effort into the details because I wanted to make it special for everyone. I think my family got the most surprised about the happy news because they were all convinced that I was having a boy hehe. However, I have to say my best friend and mother in law were the ones who got the most excited. You can see them jumping up and down in the video below :)

We had little pink and blue clothes pins with dimensional embellishments. 

Everyone had to make up their minds before the reveal and wear one of the two. My mom went back and forth haha She originally said I was having a girl but that everyone convinced her otherwise ;) I guess mom knows best.

But I think the star of the party was the cake. Not only was it delicious but it looked amazing. 

My hubby and I made a cute chevron banner for everyone to see the names we had picked. So we're having a little Giuliana in April. 

Here's the video of the big moment!

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