Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What a change a few months can make

Hi! Just wanted to take a little time to update you on Vicentico, the poor puppy I found near my job's parking lot. I'm sad to say that he lost his leg. Apparently the damage was too severe and the accident where he broke his leg had taken place a few months earlier. He must have been in a second accident right before I found him because his eye was filled with blood and he nearly lost his eyesight. 
I know this all sounds like terrible news, but I'm happy to report that Vicentico is doing great. He lost all the thick, coarse hair he had and now has a shiny, silky coat. He's no longer covered in ticks and his teeth and mouth have been cleaned. It didn't take him an hour after surgery to be back on his feet. He looks fantastic and he's doing fantastic. 
He adapted so well to our home, that after he lost his leg, we decided to keep him. He was neutered during the amputation surgery and his behavior changed greatly. He was skiddish and a little territorial before. But now, he's the sweetest dog. 
I think there are very few other things I've done in my lifetime that have felt more rewarding than caring for this animal. He's won our hearts with his superb attitude and I've learned a lot more than I could've ever imagined from this little 10-pound dog. 

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