Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My biggest project yet!

Hello hello! Thanks for sticking by during my self-imposed hiatus, but I'm finally back with very exciting news to share: there's a baby in my belly :)

 This was a very long journey for us that thankfully has a happy ending. Call me silly, but I just didn't feel comfortable sharing the news until the first trimester was over. I'm still quite anxious, but I'm taking it one day a time. I'm so excited and feel so blessed. 
I'm on relative rest right now, basically no walking around for no apparent reason, no heavy lifting, and no exercise, but all is well. 

Because of the rest time, I haven't been able to tackle many projects lately, well other than the whole I'm-growing-a-human-being business. Morning sickness has not been kind to me, so that has also affected my blog time. 
But I did manage to sneak in one little project. My front yard is in need of some TLC. The first thing I wanted to do was repaint my outdoor clay mushrooms. It's a trend here in Costa Rica. If you don't have mushrooms you're not "in" haha
The rainy season had not been kind to the paint job, which was a little "rustic" to begin with. The clay was starting to show through the paint.

Basically, all I did was repaint the bases and seal them with a glossy finish. I also added more rocks to the inside of the mushrooms to keep the wind from knocking them over, and I glued the tops to keep them as a single solid piece. 
I think they look like new, don't they?

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