Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Different kind of project

You know how sometimes things change in the blink of an eye? Well that's kind of what happened to me last week. I was on my way to get my car after a hard day's work and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tiny ball of fur... sigh! I went to check up on him and the bitty dog was injured. His hind leg appeared to be broken... it was starting to rain...

I carefully picked him up (and I advise caution if you ever attempt this because injured dogs can bite if you hold them the wrong way, but I've gotten pretty good at it... double sigh!) and took him to the vet. His leg was definitely broken and on top of that, his lung was beaten, he has blood in his eye, he's got some scrapes on his mouth, and he's got an ear and skin infection. POOR LITTLE FELLOW! 
I started a fundraising campaign and I'm now close to having the full $260 for his surgery. I'm also hoping I'll have enough to neuter him. 
As to this week's project, you can probably imagine I've had my hands full taking care of Vicentico (as the vets named him). I'm hoping that it'll be ready for next week, but first things first! I need to nurse this baby back to health.
If you want to donate to help Vicentico regain some use of his hind leg or are interested in helping him out in some other way, contact me! I assure you, he's a sweet dog that shows me every day just how grateful he is that we ran into each other.

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