Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What to do with my basket?

The lonely basket when we first moved in
I got a lovely basket for my wedding shower. I think my grandma originally wanted me to use it as a towel display in my bathroom, but the basket was just too big for the space. I struggled with what to do for the longest time. Then I got the idea of temporarily putting it in our living room, but it just looked so bare. It didn't have a purpose and I feared it was just going to sit unused forever. 

 Then one day I was struck with inspiration from an ad I saw on one of my favorite blogs
Ad from
The basket wasn't the same and I initially thought of hydrangeas. I pictured beautiful white, puffy hydrangeas.
Hydrangea basket from
I don't know why, but it seems to me that every time I come up with an idea, shop owners around the country decide to hide their products from me. For real, I think I have looked for the last six months and the best I was able to come up with was a pink, totally fake-looking hydrangea. I know the flowers I want exist because my grandma has some lovely hydrangeas, but I think she paid something like $15 per flower. She only needed a few for her house, and I would need at least ten for my basket ($$$). Anyhow, the store she got them from has been out of stock for months.

Then last week, I was at one of my favorite Chinese stores and a ray of light from heaven pointed me in the direction of some lilacs. Immediately my heart started racing. All I could think of was the original basket with the lilacs I'd seen a few months ago and I was sold. 

I could not believe how great they looked. I sent a picture to my husband who thought they were real, and I completely agree with him. Unless you touch them, these don't look like artificial flowers. They were only about a dollar per bunch and these are bushy bunches, so the project was soo cheap to complete.

I think I still dream of finding my dream hydrangeas, but I love the look of these lilacs. Don't you agree?

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